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Wireless Networking is an exciting technology that enables computer users to access files stored on a network while moving around or working in a temporary office space—or even enable one to access a network in another building!

Below you will find a variety of applications with actual user stories. If you are unsure about wireless and what it can do for you, read on to find out how others have benefited from the technology.

Wireless networks are a time- and cost-saving measure in many instances. These user stories focus on the many benefits—including no-wires needed when installing the home network you've always wanted!
Small Business
Small business owners and entrepreneurs focus on growing their businesses and managing many of the costs. One hidden cost is the network configuration as the business moves into larger office space, or as more employees are added to an office that cannot accommodate the extra network connections. Find out how these companies have benefited from their wireless networks.
Public Access
Wiring a hotel, airport or other public place for network accessability for today's business traveler can be a nightmare—but not for the wireless network manager. Your customers can connect easily without having to find a network plug in a wall. Read how some of these network managers solved that problem.
Many larger corporations and manufacturing facilities are expounding on the benefits of their wireless LANs. In some instances, only a portion of the network is wireless for seamless accessability. You might see yourself in these stories—answers with many time-saving techniques that might apply to your business.
LAN-to-LAN Bridging
Installing buried cable between buildings to provide that seamless connection to the current network might seem a nightmare, but with wireless many companies are finding a quick and reliable solution.

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