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Wireless networks save small businesses time and money. They install easily, expand quickly and reduce the costs of planning for and implementing a wired network. This makes dynamic moves, additions and changes easy to implement. Small businesses located in older buildings find that wireless LANs are a cost-efective, network infrastructure solution. Small businesses can set up a freestanding all-wireless network or they can integrate wireless LANs to extend an existing LAN.
Some situations where a wireless network can benefit your business include the following:
  • You know you will be moving offices soon and you want to take your network with you
  • You want to add a few new employees to the network&#151easily.
  • You want fast Internet access on your laptop in a conference room, a patient's room or an other place you do business.
  • Your sales team wants to instantly connect their laptops to the Internet when they visit your office.
  • You're in an old building that your landlord refuses to wire.
  • You've got a traveling show that requires that computers talk to each other.
  • You want to buy your PCs with networking already configured and tested.

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