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Wireless ENTERPRISE networks keep workers connected to the network, giving them real-time access to information whether they are at or away from their desks. Mobile workers become more productive because they can access information when and where they need it, whether they are using the Internet, doing email or accessing a corporate database.

Using wireless LAN technology, IT professionals can easily solve end-user requests and provide immediate connectivity without having to install wiring as workers move within buildings or from building to building. Dynamic moves, additions and changes are easy to implement.

Enterprises can integrate wireless LANs to extend existing wired LANs or set up freestanding wireless networks for benefits such as the following:

  • Teams meeting in conference rooms make quicker decisions with immediate access to real-time information.
  • Sales people increase efficiency using wireless connectivity across multiple business locations.
  • Accounting audit engagement teams or small workgroups raise productivity with quick network setup.
  • IT professionals installing networked computers in older buildings save money with a cost-effective network infrastructure solution.

Wireless Enterprise Networking products from WLANA members

Alvarion Cisco Systems
Colubris Networks ELAN
Enterasys Intermec Technologies
Intersil Raylink
SpectraLink Wavelink
Wireless Central WRQ NetMotion

Enterprise Wireless LAN Application Stories

Consulting and Sales Manufacturing and Warehousing
Corporate Offices Retail Applications
Education and Research Trading and Banking

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