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Netwave Technologies: WLAN Solution Boosts Productivity

Netwave Technologies, Inc. is using the AirSurfer Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) solution to boost productivity by offering a network connection from just about anywhere on the corporate campus. And because continuous connectivity makes for continuous productivity, the AirSurfer WLAN has revolutionized the way Netwave works today.

The Netwave team takes full advantage of mobile computing using the AirSurfer WLAN, employees can establish peer to peer networks on the fly. Preparing for meetings, conferences, and demonstrations can be done anywhere and setup quickly. Important files and data are now easily exchanged and employees receive updated information being better prepared for any type of meeting. Real-time access to all network resources from any place in the Netwave Headquarters is possible using AirSurfer Wireless LAN.

Executives and other staff members are truly utilizing the power of their portable computers through their continuous network connection. While atttending meetings and conferences, employees can stay connected to their e-mail. Meetings become collaborate work sessions as access to network resources such the Internet, corporate intranet, and network files are accessible.

Network administrators and technical support personnel are able to provide assistance to users from anywhere in the facility through the use of their wireless LAN connection. These mobile MIS administrators can resolve problems at the users desk quickly by eliminating the time delay of having to go between his console and users to offer assistance. Password changes, user support, and network troubleshooting is all done from anywhere in the building.

Manufacturing personnel can track the assembly progress in real-time with the use of the AirSurfer WLAN. Assemblers log in a products progress through the assembly line while the supervisor tracks productivity and cost analysis allowing executive staff members to make purchasing and lead time decisions with accurate real-time data.

Product is tracked into the warehouse and through shipping where personnel are able to keep accurate and real-time inventory with the use of the AirSufer WLAN. Real-time entry of inbound and outbound shipments makes inventory control, planning, and inquiries from customers regarding shipment status as accurate, easy and up-to-date as possible.

The Netwave team have become so reliant on their wireless connection that they even take it home. Through the use of a ISDN router, employees can use their laptops and their wireless network connection to work from anywhere in their home. Employees can catch up on e-mails or finalize a document while relaxing at home without the hassles of floppy transfers, changing computer configurations, etc. The connection of an AirSurfer WLAN Access Point to an ISDN router provides a truly seamless extension to the company network.

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