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WLANA Recognizes Programs That Strengthen the Wireless LAN Industry

San Jose, CA - February 18, 2002

The Wireless LAN Association (WLANA), the educational trade association for the wireless local area networking industry, announced today its new Educational Endorsement Program. In addition, WLANA has officially endorsed the Certified Wireless Network Administrator™ (CWNT™) certification program from Planet3 Wireless under the new program.

"WLANA has reviewed the curriculum for the CWNA curriculum and found it to be a high quality offering, worthy of WLANA endorsement," said Anthony Armenta, the Executive Director of WLANA. "Through our Educational Endorsement Program, WLANA will continue to recognize vendor neutral programs, such as CWNA, that will increase the knowledge, skills and competence of professionals in the wireless LAN industry."

"It is a tremendous honor to have the CWNA certification and curriculum endorsed by WLANA," says Planet3 Wireless Co-Founder and CEO Kevin Sandlin. "WLANA's endorsement of CWNA further demonstrates the market's need for and acceptance of a standard of knowledge for IT professionals who implement and manage wireless networks." To obtain additional information about CWNA, please visit the web site at www.cwne.com.

About the Education Endorsement Program

As a non-profit educational trade association comprised of the thought leaders and technology innovators in the local area wireless technology industry, WLANA accepts for review vendor-neutral workshops, courses, training materials, and certification programs focusing on wireless LAN technology, including network administration and engineering, professional services training and wireless LAN instructor training. WLANA endorsement recognizes the quality and accuracy of materials submitted and provides to individuals considering a WLAN educational program assurance that the endorsed workshop, course, training program or certification program can contribute to their professional development and knowledge of wireless LAN technology or the wireless LAN industry. Organizations interested in submitting their materials for review are encouraged to visit the WLANA website at www.wlana.org for submission guidelines.

About the Wireless LAN Association

The Wireless LAN Association is a non-profit educational trade association, comprised of the thought leaders and technology innovators in the local area wireless technology industry. WLANA provides a clearinghouse of information about wireless local area applications, issues and trends and serves as a resource to customers and prospects of wireless local area products and to industry press and analysts. The Association maintains an educational web site at www.wlana.org. To obtain additional information about WLANA, please visit our web site or send requests to [email protected].

About WLANA Members WLANA's members include more than 30 companies that offer a broad range of products and services that solve the high speed wireless connectivity needs of customers in the home, small business, enterprise and public access markets. The following sponsor members sit on the WLANA board of directors. Alcatel (NYSE:ALA), Alvarion (Nasdaq:ALVR), Broadcom (Nasdaq:BRCM), Cisco Systems (Nasdaq: CSCO), Colubris Networks, Inc. (www.colubris.com), Enterasys Networks (NYSE:ETS), Intersil Corporation (Nasdaq:ISIL), Intermec Technologies (NYSE:UNA), Planet3 Wireless (www.p3wireless.com), Raylink, Inc. (www.raylink.com) and Signa Services (www.signaservices.com).


Anthony Armenta
Executive Director, WLANA
[email protected]

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