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Wireless Lan Association (WLANA) ANNOUNCES NEW MEMBER: Breeze Wireless Communications Inc. joins WLANA, solidifying commitment to industry

PALO ALTO, CA (February 17, 1997) — The Wireless LAN Association (WLANA) today announced that Breeze Wireless Communications Inc. (BreezeCOM) has become its newest member, bringing the total number of WLANA members to 15.

"We are pleased to announce the addition of BreezeCOM to WLANA," said WLANA President Jeff Abramowitz. "The growth of the Alliance will strengthen our ability to increase awareness of the wireless LAN benefits and uses in the networking and business communities," he added.

WLANA was formed last year by worldwide suppliers of wireless LAN products and technologies in response to dramatic market growth and the need for vendor-independent information.

Bruce Sanguinetti, BreezeCOM's executive vice president in the U.S., noted, "membership in WLANA solidifies BreezeCOM's commitment to the wireless LAN industry. We will be more effective in educating and guiding end-users as wireless LANs become an important component of corporations' mobile networking solutions."

WLANA, whose members represent more than 95 percent of current wireless LAN industry revenues, is dedicated to promoting increased awareness and knowledge of wireless LANs among potential customers, independent software vendors and systems integrators. The alliance provides vendor-independent information about the growing number of wireless LAN applications and maintains an educational web site at www.wlana.org.

Breeze Wireless Communications Inc., also known as BreezeCOM, develops and manufactures high-performance, standards-based wireless LAN products. Founded in 1992 as LANNAIR, BreezeCOM's U.S. headquarters is located in Carlsbad, California. BreezeCOM's web site is located at www.breezecom.com.

Gregory DiCillo Managing Director
Wireless LAN Association
38083 West Spaulding Suite 201 Willoughby, OH 44094
Phone: 440-602-WLANA (9526) Fax: 440-953-0039 email:[email protected]
url: www.wlana.org

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