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WLANA Educational Endorsement Program

The Wireless LAN Association (WLANA) seeks to promote and support educational, training and certification programs that will increase the knowledge, skills and competence of professionals in the wireless LAN industry. As a non-profit educational trade association comprised of the thought leaders and technology innovators in the local area wireless technology industry, WLANA accepts responsibility for assessing for endorsement vendor-neutral workshops, courses, training materials, and certification programs focusing on wireless LAN technology, including network administration and engineering, professional services training and wireless LAN instructor training. Although the credentials of instructors and course participants are one of the criteria for assessment, WLANA endorsement does not constitute endorsement of an instructor or course participant, but rather is an endorsement of the workshop, course, training materials or certification program as it is presented through the materials submitted.


Endorsement of such educational training and certification programs benefits all parties involved:

The sponsoring organization receives recognition from an educational trade association for the quality and accuracy of its workshop, course, training materials or certification program. The sponsoring organization is encouraged to use the WLANA statement of endorsement on all publicity as a documentation of WLANA's support. When possible, and if desired, WLANA will publicize endorsed events through its communications channels, including its web site and newsletter.

Participants have assurance that the endorsed workshop, course, training program or certification program can contribute to their professional development and knowledge of wireless LAN technology or the wireless LAN industry. If an individual has identified a need for further professional development, WLANA endorsement will help in selecting programs that will provide growth and assist in the development of a certification application or portfolio.

WLANA benefits through the opportunity to fulfill its charter to provide ongoing education about, support for, and promotion of wireless LAN technologies and the industry by ensuring the quality of educational and training opportunities offered by its members and assisting individuals in selecting worthwhile programs which will enhance their professional development. WLANA also gains local visibility through the promotional efforts of the sponsoring organization.

Endorsement Period

WLANA Endorsement is valid for 1 year, at which time re-application is necessary.

Criteria for Endorsement

WLANA Member

Sponsoring organization must be an affiliate or sponsor member in good standing of WLANA.

Vendor Neutral, WLAN Related Content

The content of workshops, courses, training materials, and certification programs must be vendor-neutral and must be directly related to wireless LAN technology.

Qualified Instructors

Except in the case of self-taught/self-paced materials, instructor, speakers or trainers must have credentials or sufficient work experience attesting to appropriate expertise in the particular subject area.

WLANA Board Approval

The workshops, courses, training materials, or certification program will be reviewed in good faith by the Board of Directors of WLANA or representatives appointed by the Board who are qualified to review such materials. In all cases, the Board of the Directors of WLANA makes the final decision as to which workshops, courses, training materials, and certification programs receive endorsement.

Endorsement Application Process

  1. Complete the Endorsement Review Submission Form.
  2. If not a current WLANA member, complete the WLANA membership application form (either Sponsor or Affiliate membership).
  3. Assemble your Endorsement Application as follows:

    a) Submission Form, including a $200 processing fee.
    b) Credential, resume, or other documentation showing qualifications of instructor(s)
    c) If required, WLANA membership application and fee
    d) Four (4) copies of all materials to be endorsed.

  4. Submit all materials to WLANA at the following address:

        Wireless LAN Association (WLANA)
        P.O Box 9097
        San Jose, CA 95157 USA

Contact Information

For questions about the WLANA Educational Endorsement Program, contact WLANA at 650-352-4709 or email [email protected].

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