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Follow the links to read more about these selections and to order!

Essential Guide to Home Networking Technologies
by Gerard O'Driscoll

WCCN Handbook: RF Terminals & LANs
by Tom Polizzi

Wireless Data Networking (Telecommunications Library)
by Nathan J. Muller, Linda Lee Tyke (Illustrator)

Wireless LAN Systems (The Artech House Telecommunications Library)
by A. Santamaria, F.J. Lopez-Hernandez (Editor)

Wireless LANs
by Raymond P. Wenig

Wireless Local Area Networks: Technology, Issues, and Strategies
(McGraw-Hill Computer Communications)
by Peter T. Davis, Craig R. McGuffin

Wireless Networking Handbook
by James T. Geier, Jim Geier

More suggested reading material in the form of industry articles and industry magazines are available.

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