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Wireless LAN Vendors

1stWAVE Wireless International
2Wire Inc
Accton Technology Corporation
Achako Corporation
ACMA Computers Inc.
Acrowave Systems
Acrowave Systems Co.,Ltd.
Actiontec Electronics, Inc.
ACTiSYS Corporation
Addtron Technology Co, Ltd.
AeroComm, Inc.
Aerotron-Repco Systems, Inc.
Agere Systems Inc.
Allied Telesyn International, Inc.
Alvarion Inc
Ambicom Inc.
Ambit Microsystems Corporation
AnyOne Wireless
AOpen Inc.
Apple Computer, Inc.
ARC Wireless Solutions, Inc.
ARtem GmbH.
Asante Technologies, Inc.
Askey Computer Corporation.
Avaya Inc.
Axis Communications Inc.
Bluesocket, Inc.
Broadband Gateways
BroadTel Communications
Buffalo Technology (USA) Inc.
California Amplifier, Inc.
Canadian Digital Systems Technologies, Inc.
Cayman Systems, Inc.
CC&C; Technologies, Inc.
Cirronet™ Inc.
Cisco Systems, Inc
Clarion Corporation of America
Colubris Networks Inc
Compaq Computer Corporation
Compex, Inc
C-SPEC Corporation
Data-Linc Group
Dataplex Pty Ltd
Dell Computer Corporation
Digital Networks
Direct Network Services
Direct Network Services
D-Link Systems, Inc.
EMTAC Technology Corp.
Enterasys Networks
Ericsson Inc.
Extended Systems
fSONA Communications Corporation
Furtera, Inc.
Gabriel Electronics, Inc.
Gateway Inc.
Gemplex Technology Co., Ltd.
GemTek Technology Co. Inc.
GigaFast Ethernet
GoC Gesellschaft fuer optische Communication mbH
GRE America
GVC Corporation
Harris Corporation
Hewlett-Packard Company
HighSpeed Surfing, Inc.
IBM Corporation
Inficom, Inc.
Infrared Communication Systems, Inc.
Intel Corporation
Intermec Technologies Corporation
Intersil Corporation
ioWave, Inc.
Karlnet, Inc.
Katharsis Ltd.
Lantronix, Inc
LaserWireless, Inc.
LeArtery Solution Inc.
Linksys Group Inc.
Linksys Group Inc.
LSA, Inc.
Lucent Technologies
LumenLink Corporation
LXE Inc.
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
MaxGate Inc.
Maxrad, Inc.
MaxTech Corporation
Microhard Systems Inc.
MiLAN Technology
MiTAC International Corp.
Mobile Mark, Inc.
Multi-Tech Systems Inc.
National Datacomm Corporation
NDC Communications Inc.
Netopia, Inc.
Nortel Networks
Nortel Networks
Novatel Wireless
Omnispread Communications, Inc.
Omnispread Communications, Inc.
OTC Wireless Inc.
Padcom, Inc.
PAV Data Systems Ltd
Pinnacle Communications Inc.
Plaintree Systems Inc.
Proxim Inc
Psion Teklogix Ltd
RadioLAN Marketing Group, Inc.
Raylink, Inc
RFTNC Co., Ltd.
Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co. Ltd
Seavey Engineering Associates Inc.
SENAO International Co., LTD.
Siemens Corporation
Silcom Technology
SMC Networks
SMC Networks
Socket Communications, Inc
SoftHill Technologies Ltd.
SOHO Wireless
Solectek Corporation
Sonik Technologies Corporation
Sonik Technologies Corporation
Sony Electronics, Inc.
Southwest Microwave, Inc.
SpectraLink Corporation
Spectrix Corporation
SuperPass Company Inc
Symbol Technologies
Tekram Technology Europe GmbH
Teletronics International Inc.
Telex&#reg; Communications, Inc.
TIL-TEK Antennas
TRENDware International Inc.
TROY Wireless
U.S. Robotics
UC Wireless
V3 World Ltd.
Wave Wireless Networking
WaveRider Communications (USA) Inc.
Western Multiplex Corp
Western Multiplex Corporation
WIMAN Systems, Inc.
WinMate Communication, INC.
Wireless Scientific Inc.
Wireless Solutions Sweden AB
Wireless, Inc
Wistron NeWeb Corp.
Young Design, Inc
Z-Com Inc
Zcomax Technologies, Inc
Zoom Telephonics
ZOOM Telephonics Inc.
ZyXEL Communications Inc.

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