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Universities Laboratories Conducting Wireless LAN Research

Berkeley Wireless Research Center, Dept. of EECS,
University of California at Berkeley
Center for Advanced Technology (CATT) in Polytechnic University
Center for Wireless Communications, University of California
Department of Communication Engineering, University of Bremen
Department of Electronics, Macquarie University
Mobile and Portable Radio Research Group
Telecommunications Networks Group, Faculty of
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Technical
University of Berlin
The CMU Monarch Project
The Harris Networking and Communication Laboratory,
University of Florida
The Wireless Communications Research Group
WINLAB, Rutgers University
Wireless Consortium, InterOperability Lab (IOL),
University of New Hampshire
Wireless LAN group, University of Massachusetts
Wireless LAN Research Laboratory (WLRL), The Center
for Wireless Information Network Studies, Worcester
Polytechnic Institute

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